91% of companies with more than 10 employees choose to equip themselves with a CRM. The stat is high but not that surprising. Growing companies have a pressing need to structure themselves to support their development and generate more sales: centralization of customer information, improved team management, sales forecasting. In short, there is nothing new under the sun except for the traditional promises of CRM.

However, a complete and up-to-date CRM is not limited to this and can be much more useful for the company. Let’s take a look at 4 benefits that we don’t immediately think of!


  1. New employees are operational more quickly

Recruiting a new sales person generates a lot of expectations. The pressure of numbers is a must. After 3 to 6 months of ramp-up (training on products, tools, processes…), your sales person takes possession of his/her portfolio and objectives. It is at this precise moment that the hardest part begins…

An updated CRM will immediately put your employees in the best position to succeed and be operational immediately: no loss of information compared to their predecessor, they will have access to all contacts, exchanges and sales proposals made. He will avoid over-solicitation within the team and with the manager, thus facilitating his integration.


  1. A “calmed” manager-employee relationship

What is not in the CRM does not exist for the company. This is an assumption in many organizations and is one of the reasons why many managers force their teams to systematically enter their contacts and activities.

An up-to-date CRM allows managers to track their KPIs more easily (number of contacts, meetings, opportunities in progress…) and to end the harmful effects of micro-management. It’s an opportunity to create a calmer atmosphere in the team and generate more positive discussions focused on business and best sales strategies.


  1. A better customer experience

Customers are becoming more demanding, and less attached to brands. 61% of them are ready to leave their supplier if the customer service is not up to their expectations.

The stakes are high. To retain their customers, companies must be able to offer the best experience throughout the customer journey. Like B2C, B2B marketing must rely on highly qualified data to deliver a personalized customer experience. An up-to-date CRM ensures that information is shared and that all customer facing employees have the same level of knowledge of the customer’s history.



  1. An additional asset to enhance the value of the company

General management is not left out and also benefits from an up-to-date CRM. Just like technology, infrastructure, customer base or turnover, activity data must also be considered as a strategic and valuable asset of the company in case of a due dilligence.


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