Do more with less. This is the challenge for companies in 2023. Indeed, in a tense economic context (inflation, downsizing, limited budgets), sales teams will be under pressure.

More than ever, to maintain a high level of performance and remain competitive, companies must find ways to increase their sales productivity.

Here are 7 tips for how to boost the productivity of your teams.


It’s the trend of the moment and it’s being adopted by more and more companies! With the development of technology and artificial intelligence, automation is on the rise and is helping to improve team productivity.

It eliminates repetitive manual tasks with little added value, reduces errors and improves operational efficiency.

For example, for sales people, it can apply to the end of manual entry of contacts and activities in the CRM, to the send of follow-up emails, to the detection of hot prospects…

Thanks to automation, salespeople are more efficient and can focus on what they like to do best: sell!

Quality rather than quantity

According to Sun Tzu in the Art of War, “the skilful man of war relies on strategic position and not on personal qualities.”

Unlike the junior salesman who will tend to chase every prospect in the hope of winning as many as possible, the “skilful man” detects situations favourable to buying and focuses only on those prospects where he has the best chance of winning.

Salespeople should be encouraged to focus on the most qualified leads that are most likely to convert into customers, rather than trying to contact a large number of people who are not interested. Again, AI and Machine Learning allow salespeople to be constantly on the lookout and make it easier to detect weak business signals: an interview with a decision-maker, the appointment of a new contact, the use of obsolete technologies…

Using data to make decisions

In a previous article, despite the misleading appearances, we explained how data can be a salesperson’s best friend.
At EverReady, our equation is as follows: Data collection + CRM + AI = Royal road to sustainable sales performance

Indeed, a CRM powered by reliable and complete data will allow you to create tailor-made dashboards and will facilitate the identification of your growth levers.
Here are some examples of valuable data to guide your sales strategy and identify where the problem lies:

– Territory Management: What is the spread of accounts worked on (by industry, size, etc.)
– Contacts: What are the positions of the contacts? How many contacts are met during a sales cycle?
– Commercial activity: How many new accounts and contacts are created each year?
– Acquisition: What are the most effective acquisition channels? How many touchpoints are needed to create an opportunity?

Provide regular training

Competition is increasing, buying departments are becoming more professional, there are more and more contacts and sales cycles are getting longer. In short, selling is becoming increasingly complex. Sales methods are changing. Salespeople need regular training to improve their sales skills, product knowledge and market understanding.

Defining clear objectives

The COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted the need to better manage the mental health of employees. Productivity can be affected by factors such as stress, tiredness and lack of motivation. Salespeople need to have clear and measurable goals to focus on. These goals should be realistic and aligned with the company’s strategy.

Establish a strong team culture

Define a clear vision for all employees and take ownership of it at all levels of the company. A strong team culture can help salespeople collaborate, share knowledge and help each other achieve their goals. Alone we go faster, together we go further.

Encourage information sharing

Customers are increasingly demanding and less loyal. 61% of them are ready to leave their supplier if the service is not up to scratch.

At EverReady, we are convinced that with the development of nomadism and the scarcity of physical contacts, the quality and accuracy of information shared within the team will become a strategic issue to be successful.

The CRM must play its role (centralisation of business contacts, history of actions, etc.) and become an essential resource for your sales productivity.

By having immediate access to all customer information, you save time, you guarantee an optimal level of knowledge between employees, but above all you offer a better experience throughout the customer relationship.


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