CRM is the tool of choice for salespeople. However, in many organizations, teams still struggle to spontaneously fill in information about their customers and prospects. Discover through these 4 usecases how a complete and up-to-date CRM facilitates the daily life of your sales teams.

Teams gain in productivity

Time is money. Free your teams from time-consuming tasks with little added value. Automate sales data entry in the CRM.

The information is centralized and is no longer scattered in the employees’ tools (email, phone, excel…). Before each call and each appointment, you have the guarantee to find the complete and permanently updated history of the actions carried out. No need to go fishing for information, sharing and synergy between departments are facilitated.

Thanks to an up-to-date CRM, your teams can focus entirely on their missions: Selling for sales, serving for Customer Care and generating leads for marketing.

A smoother manager/employee relationship

Managers no longer need to seek information from their teams and reduce micro-management, which is often a source of tension. An up-to-date CRM allows managers to steer their teams more serenely and to have more business-oriented exchanges.

For example, for your Monday morning meetings, view all the meetings made and to come for each employee. Identify new business opportunities and next steps for a smooth sales execution.

Limit the loss of information in case of turnover

On average, a salesperson stays with his company for 43 months. This time is spent meeting and talking with prospects and customers. And when the CRM is not well filled, the departure of a sales person is often synonymous with the loss of contacts and knowledge of accounts. Information that your company will not be able to capitalize on…

Accelerate the onboarding of your new employees

How long does it take before a new sales person is operational? An up-to-date CRM contributes to a better recruitment experience and facilitates the integration of new employees into the team.

=> Save time in the discovery of their portfolio
=> Access to contact history and customer interactions
=> Fewer requests to team members

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