Do you need a CRM?

Ask each member of your sales team individually, and you’ll probably be met with a plebiscite for no.
Indeed, a sales person does not need a CRM to be efficient. In most cases, his daily tools (email, phone, xls file) are more than enough to carry out his activity: prospecting and closing deals.
But as soon as you think collectively, the deal changes. CRM is essential for structuring a sales organization and identifying the company’s growth levers: better management of the activity, more synergies between departments, improved onboarding of sales representatives… More sales and better service to your customers.
The stats surrounding CRM testify to this paradox.

👉 Stat #1: CRM increases sales (up to 29%), improves productivity (up to 34%) and forecast accuracy (40%) (Salesforce)

👉 Stat #2: 83% of executives say their biggest challenge is getting their teams to use the software (Really Simple Systems).

👉 Stat #3: Less than 20% of business activities are captured in CRM.

By the way, if you’re a numbers freak, here’s an article that lists 28 amazing stats about CRM practice.

Without data, CRM is nothing…

CRM takes time and effort. 49% of CRM projects fail due to lack of adoption.
Why so little use? Because the information we ask you to enter is already present in the users’ emails and agendas. This is where you need to think collectively. A well-informed CRM will allow you to generate better dashboards and will facilitate the implementation of data-driven strategies: MORE sales opportunities, MORE conversions, MORE sales, BETTER customer relationships….

To have an up-to-date CRM, here are the 2 options:

1/ Set aside time in your calendar EVERY day for your CRM. 30 to 45 minutes to create contacts, update opportunities, make reports…

Translated with (free version)

2/ Think automation. That’s where EverReady comes in 😉 EverReady is the next-generation connector that automatically populates the CRM and removes data entry constraints. Save precious time on a daily basis while having precious business information (contacts, emails, appointments, reports…)


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