How bad is it, Doctor?

There is an inherent phenomenon in human beings: resistance to change. And CRM is no exception. Despite change management programs, gamification, continuous training… User adoption remains an issue that organizations are struggling to solve. The carrot and stick approach has also reached its limits.

In many organizations that have not yet completed their digital transformation, CRM is considered by its users as a restrictive tool, time-consuming, difficult to appropriate and far from being a priority in their mission sheet. Sales people prefer prospecting, sales and more generally all customer relationship oriented actions that generate revenue.

On the other hand, for sales managers, CRM is the tool par excellence for steering sales strategy. How can you change this paradigm and ensure that CRM serves the interests of all employees?

Is your CRM ready for your 2022 goals?

How confident are you that CRM data can help you achieve your goals? In other words, does your CRM have enough data? What data levers should you leverage to make your CRM a seamless business machine?

To help you answer this question, EverReady launches its first 100% business-oriented CRM diagnostic (available for the moment for Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Hubspot and Pipedrive)! It allows you to have in a few clicks, a global view of all your CRM data (accounts, contacts and opportunities) on your perimeter in order to orient your data strategy accordingly.


👉 Ask for your data CRM diagnosis

Some examples of indicators:

Access the history of account creation to measure the evolution of your addressable market
Access the history of contacts created to measure the commercial dynamism of your teams
Discover the distribution of your accounts and contacts from different angles and identify where the problem lies

CRM Diagnostic: how does it work?

A few clicks are all it takes to do your CRM data check-up:

  • Step 1: Create your EverReady account
  • Step 2: Select your CRM
  • Step 3 : Enter your CRM login and password
  • Step 4: Access our dashboards
  • Step 5: An EverReady expert will contact you for a 30-minute feedback session


👉 The First one is free, what are you waiting for to request it?



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