Frequently Asked Questions❔

EverReady is built on trust and ethics

We take care to synchronize only the data related to your professional activity on the companies and contacts present in your CRM. EverReady does not delete any existing data in your CRM.

    • Contacts: EverReady analyzes email signatures to automatically feed your CRM. New contact is only carried out on companies already present in the CRM. EverReady does not create a new account / company in your CRM.
    • Phone calls: EverReady logs phone calls longer than 1 minute, made during office hours (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.) with contacts in your CRM.
      For your private contacts, EveReady allows you to define a blacklist in your settings.
    • Emails: EverReady logs professional emails of more than 10 words addressed to a contact in your CRM.
      Emails whose subject line contains one of the following words: personal, personal, private, confidential, personal, personal, private, confidential are not taken into account.
    • Emails: Possibility to configure the synchronization of emails: visibility of content, availability of attachments...Calendar: EverReady records the meetings made with the contacts present in your CRM.
    • Calendar: EverReady logs meetings made with contacts in your CRM. Meetings tagged "private" are not taken into account.
    • Reminder: At any time, from EverReady application, you can view and cancel all contact creations and updates made in your CRM.

EverReady isI SO 27001 certified  in order to guarantee its customers the respect of the best practices in the domain of Cybersecurity and the strict compliance with the RGPD.

EverReady is committed to ensuring that everything possible is done to comply with the RGPD and respect the privacy of your teams.

    • Collection of consent from each user to use EverReady
    • EverReady connects only to the user's professional tools (professional email, CRM)
    • Each user has a console that allows him to control and eventually cancel an update performed by EverReady
    • Exclusion of personal, private and confidential emails and appointments
    • Ability to create blacklists
    • Exclusion of emails with a public domain name (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc...)
    • Exclusion of personal emails containing a keyword in the subject "personal", "personal", "confidential", "private", etc.
    • Creation or update of contacts only on existing accounts in your CRM. No account creation by EverReady
    • Traceability: Each creation has the date and the source

No. Only emails in the inbox and subfolders are processed by EverReady.

EverReady scans emails in 10 minute time frames, so if the email stays in the inbox for more than 10 minutes before being deleted, it will be processed by our algorithms.
On the other hand, emails in spam folders are never processed.

The privacy of your data is essential. We do not resell, share or exploit any of your data.

All business activity updates (contact information, email content, appointments, calls) are processed in real time without ever being stored in our databases.

Beyond the daily time saving (EverReady frees your teams from the constraints of CRM data entry), we have put in place many elements that promote user acceptance:

  1. Connection to EverReady requires the consent of each user
  2. EverReady only processes emails related to accounts in the CRM
  3. Personal or confidential emails (domain name in gmail, hotmail, wanadoo...) are not taken into account by the algorithms
  4. Each user has a blacklist: domain names, phone numbers
  5. Each user has a dashboard that allows him to view and cancel an update made by EverReady

EverReady connects natively to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Zoho, Pipedrive and Everwin as well as to Outlook and Gmail.

If your CRM is not covered, our teams take in charge the development of the connector.

All our CRM connectors are ready to use. No development is required by your technical teams.

Onboard your employees in a few clicks. No change management: your teams keep their existing habits and tools.

We are a French company but our tool is also available in English.

EverReady supports all international signature formats (Latin alphabet).