In 2015, the appointment of the first Chief Happiness Officers marked the path of the search for happiness at work to make employees more successful. If the first measures consisted in creating a pleasant and fulfilling work environment conducive to lengthen the presence in the office (neat decoration, design furniture, play areas, foosball, Playstation …), it is clear that with the health crisis, the aspirations of employees have evolved to :

  • A better work-life balance. According to a study by the Institut Montaigne, 60% of French people would like companies to make it possible for employees to telework once the Covid-19 epidemic is over.
  • The search for meaning, especially among young executives. The health crisis has exacerbated the desire to turn to more meaningful jobs in companies with strong societal values. These new desires echo the Great Resignation phenomenon in the United States.
  • A necessary evolution of managerial practices more focused on trust and empowerment of teams. Download our checklist for managing your team remotely.

Sales people are no exception to the rule. On the contrary, they are certainly the population within the company that is most sensitive to these changes.

Sales people, an endangered species

All the studies confirm it. It has never been so difficult to recruit salespeople. There is even talk of a shortage of salespeople. Result: as the balance of power is in their favor, they have become demanding on remuneration but also on other extra-financial elements (see the new aspirations above)

Prospecting is no longer attractive, and young graduates are more attracted to Account Manager or CSM positions. Under these conditions, the challenge for sales organizations is twofold: to ensure the retention of sales people in the company and to make the job of sales hunter more “sexy”.

Make sales people happy!

Single principle: Sales people only want to do sales. Gone are the low value-added tasks that interfere with daily life. Excessive data entry in the CRM, internal meetings and administration are to be banished from their mission sheets.

Do not take it into consideration and you risk jeopardizing your organization: retention, recruitment difficulties…

Like top athletes, sales people must be put in the best conditions to perform. This includes continuous training and coaching on sales processes and methods, and tools that make their day-to-day work easier and allow them to focus exclusively on selling. Remember the principle:

👉 A salesperson who does sales is successful

👉 A successful sales is happy

👉 A happy sales is loyal

After having been salespeople ourselves, we launched ourselves into entrepreneurship (search for meaning 😉 ) and have been developing salestech for almost 10 years with the will to make their work easier.

EverReady is an innovative solution that frees sales teams from data entry constraints and saves them time. All business information (activities, contacts, reports) is automatically centralized in the CRM, allowing employees to have an optimal level of customer knowledge and managers to have a better visibility of the commercial activity.

Happy sales make happy managers!


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