What is a smart sales collective intelligence ?

We could define the smart sales collective intelligence as the capacity to collect and analyze every action made by sales agents towards their potential clients, helping them to identify and share the best practices within their teams. In other words, “No one knows everything, but everyone knows something” and we can share our knowledge with others, and they can share theirs with us.

But concretely, how does this work ?

For example, if we take a look into the app Waze: they collect datas on each road from multiple drivers while the app is open. Therefore, when you are driving on a specific road, Waze has access to a large database to compare each itinerary possible and suggest the best option for you.

We can also apply this analogy to B2B and business development.

Question 1: How to collect all the data generated by sales activity?  Unlike Waze that collects data only on cell phone activity,  sales representatives are using multiple tools to interact with their customers: email, phone, face-to-face meetings, video calls, CRM…

Question 2: How to restore and use the data at the right time? Indeed, a good sales execution is to have access to the right information and to know how to use it at the right time. Some will say that it’s the main role of the CRM, and it is in part, CRM is a great useful tool that helps you to manage your business. However, one major issue of CRM softwares is how to really master the tool itself and the lack of data available. Indeed, too often some information and data are missing, expired or subjective. In those conditions, it can be very challenging to only use a CRM software to manage a business and regulate a sales activity.

And now, let the magic happen…

EverReady has developed a technology that collects every sales  activity, in real time,  on all the tools used by your sales teams: days and hours of calls and emails, calls duration and the number of words in each message, data and meeting’s attendance, the message expeditor, response delays…

Our AI analysis of all activity related to sales suggests to you the best actions to do for a specific time. All those suggestions made by EverReady are based on reliable events coming from past actions made by your sales team, not on a feeling or a subjective perception.

But… What is it bringing on the table?

For a manager:

  • A CRM filled up with data. Data are objective, reliable and given in real time.
  • Dashboards to show data and statistics to help you to manage your business. You can establish the correlation between the level of activity and your objectives.

For the Sales representative:

  • Customized suggestions based on the best practices of the team to help you to grow your business and your sales.

For the marketing:

  • Improve the efficacy of your acquisition
  • Get insights on your sales cycles and ROI of your operations

Powered by smart collective intelligence to boost the sales activity of your business, 👉 ask for a demo!


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