It’s the end of the year: time to take stock and prepare action plans.

Christmas week is one of the quietest weeks in B2B. Many companies close their offices and most employees take a few days of well-deserved time off.

At EverReady, we see this as a great opportunity to enrich your contact base with ultra-qualitative data… effortlessly!

Here are 2 special year-end usecases

Enrich your contacts with Out of Office

1/ Prepare an email to your customers and prospects

Find a pretext for communication: Thank you for the past year, sending greetings, institutional communication …. The opportunities are numerous

2/ Plan to send it on Monday, December 26.

There is a good chance that your contacts will be absent and that no one will respond. That’s the point!

3/ Receive the Out of Office

Hello, I am absent until December 28th included and will have limited access to my emails…

In most cases, this message will include your contact’s signature with all his contact information: first name, last name, job title, landline and cell phone 🤩

4/ Let EverReady act…

EverReady is the solution that automates the update of your customer and prospect contacts from their email signatures. Do you see what we’re getting at 😉 . No action on your part is required.

When you return to work, instantly find your qualified and RGPD compliant contacts in your CRM.


Get the complete list of all your customer and prospect emails

New Year’s Eve means sending greetings!
Don’t forget anyone! Thanks to EverReady, get the list of all your customers and prospects emails.

Discover our Flashback! How does it work?

👉 EverReady goes back 12 months in the history of the mailboxes of your commercial / customer care / support teams…

👉 Creates missing customer and prospect contacts and enriches existing ones from email signatures (last name, first name, email, landline and cell phones)

👉 Directly in your CRM and in compliance with the RGPD

Interested? Here is more information about our Flashback

Here are our 2 special end of year usecases. A Christmas gift for your teams and an additional source of information for your marketing actions. 🎁



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