A gold mine at your fingertips!

Are you missing out on revenue sources without knowing it?

Every day, your sales teams meet new contacts at your customers and prospects to advance their sales cycle.

The problem is that these contacts are very rarely entered into the CRM. Less than 20% of contacts on average…

In fact, salespeople prefer to use their everyday tools (telephone, e-mail, calendar, etc.) to find information about their customers and prospects.

A loss of profit for Gartner

Gartner has quantified this loss of earnings. From 12 to 20% depending on the company. The absence of these contacts impacts many aspects related to business and marketing:

  • The quality and efficiency of prospecting and loyalty actions (emailing, trade shows, events…)
  • The quality of the customer experience. Some contacts are the sole “possession” of the sales person and remain outside of the communication campaigns
  • The onboarding of new employees who do not have all the data on their accounts in portfolio
  • The company’s value. Contacts are a strategic asset that testify to the company’s good sales dynamics

Wake up the sleeping contacts in the mailboxes

At EverReady, we see an untapped commercial potential! The solution allows you to automatically retrieve in your CRM, all the data related to the business that are sleeping in the mailboxes, agendas and phones of sales representatives and on which the company does not capitalize.

A real gold mine that is at your fingertips! Companies don’t realize the quantity and quality of the information they have.

Want to know more? Discover our flashback and automatically recover all your missing customer and prospect contacts from their email signatures…. over the last 12 months!

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