The life of a B2B salesperson is far from being a long quiet river. Cold calls, increased competition, CRM, responding to calls for tenders… The line between success and failure is thin and reaching objectives can sometimes be like a journey full of pitfalls.
Add to this a Covid context that impacts organizations and sales methods. A little lightness and humor, find our selection of the best gifs to describe the life of a B2B salesman in 2021.

When you rehearse your presentation pitch for the 100th time of the day


When you are late with your appointment reports in the CRM and it is already 7pm


When you have made your goals on the 15th of the month


When you have just won a tender


When you have just lost a tender


When your interlocutor tells you that he is waiting for a solution like yours


When you have to fill in all the fields in the CRM


When your manager asks you to enter all your activity in the CRM


When your prospect doesn’t show up for an appointment


When your pipeline is at zero


When you are in remote and have a meeting at 9am with your manager


When and you have a meeting and the kids come home from school


When you use EverReady for the first time


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