Boost your contact base

Continuously feed your marketing database with new qualified contacts directly from your sales team’s email exchanges and enrich existing ones with reliable data. Increase the reach and efficiency of your email campaigns.

The contacts created by EverReady are in compliance with the GDPR.

On average, increase your database with 20 new contacts each month

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Get real-time status on all leads

Identify the prospects that have been contacted and the communication channel used (email, phone, meeting). Identify those who need additional marketing coverage.

Get qualitative feedback on all your leads. Instantly identify if there is a project, its deadline… Identify the most performing lead sources for your sales teams.

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Boost your Marketing Automation

Improve the efficiency of your scenarios. Create and optimize your workflows by exploiting all the touchpoints (appointments, emails, meetings) your salespeople have with their prospects.

Personalization is a key success factor for emailings!

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