"EverReady gives me high visibility into sales performance and activity."

Frédéric Dumas


Cision France


Cision is a leading provider of PR, Influencer, Intelligence and Media Intelligence solutions and services for communications professionals.






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April 2022

Hello Frédéric, can you introduce yourself and tell us a few words about Cision?

I’m Director of Sales & Customer Experience at Cision France. At Cision, we support communicators in their PR, influence and communication activities with adapted services and software.

Can you describe your sales organization?

We have several sales teams with a total of about 50 people, mainly account managers, key accounts and mid-market, business development and SDR teams.

What CRM do you use?

We use the Salesforce CRM platform, not only to manage our activities but also for our operations. Salesforce is central to Cision.

What are your business challenges?

We have 3 major business challenges:

We are fortunate to have 8,500 active B2B customers, which requires, above all, a great deal of loyalty.
We are multi-range and offer different software services and types of services, so our second challenge is to develop cross-selling, i.e., selling other services or products to our existing customers who have a range.
Finally, like most large companies, we have high growth objectives, which essentially involve business development. Even if we have 8500 active customers, there are as many that are not yet with us and that we want to get.

What did EverReady bring you?

EverReady allowed us to solve a number of problems and issues we had.

First of all, what was very attractive about EverReady was the ability to automatically bring up in Salesforce all the email interactions of our sales teams, which now allows us to have an exhaustive view of what is happening with a customer. Issue 1, completely fulfilled. This is what we needed!

Next was EverReady’s ability to create new contacts and update existing ones automatically in Salesforce based on email signature analysis. Again, it’s very operational and works really well!

Finally, our last challenge that EverReady addresses is to have a better visibility on the performance and activity of the sales teams, in order to answer this issue of saving time that was expressed by our sales forces.

Finally, if you had to summarize EverReady in one word?

I would say Efficiency!

Thank you Frédéric!