Our security commitments

EverReady is certified ISO 27001 in order to guarantee its customers the respect of the best practices in the domain of Cybersecurity and the strict compliance with the RGPD.

Commitment #1: We do not store any customer data

Sales activity data (contact information, email content, meetings, calls) are processed in real time without ever being stored in our databases.

Only the technical data (identifiers and dates) necessary for the traceability of elements created or modified in the CRM by EverReady are kept.


Commitment #2: Hosted in Europe

EverReady is hosted in Ireland by AWS on ISO 27001 certified servers.

  • 100% Managed Services, high availability (SLA 99,99%) and scalability
  • Instances protected by IDS /IPS services
  • De facto protection against DDOS attacks, network and software vulnerabilities


Commitment #3: A secure technical architecture

EverReady is located in a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) at AWS, allowing to completely close off unauthorized access from the Internet.

The administration of the services is done through a dedicated and highly secured VPN (Multi Factor Authentication & IP restriction) and is limited exclusively to authorized persons at EverReady.

The transfer is encrypted during all data exchanges (HTTPs), from the Internet but also between internal components.

Our databases are natively encrypted.

Authentication with CRM services (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc.) and Messaging (Outlook, Gmail) are based on the OAuth2 protocol.