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Enrich your contact database from email signatures

Sync in real time your customer interactions

Sales meeting reports are simple, intuitive and exploitable

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EverReady is about incredible efficiency and productivity gains for teams

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EverReady gives us a better visibility into business activity in Salesforce

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EverReady gives so much confort that we can't go back

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EverReady gives me access to business data that I didn't have

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With EverReady, my base grows, my addressable market increases and my teams generate more business

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EverReady Vs Salesforce Inbox & Einstein Activity Capture

How does EverReady compare to Salesforce Inbox and Einstein Activity Capture? What is the best business data synchronization solution? What is the best alternative to Salesforce Inbox and Einstein Activity Capture?


Infographic: Your CRM with or without EverReady ?

🤩 Imagine a CRM that automatically updates itself in real time
🔥 Imagine sales people 100% focused on their business and freed from data entry constraints
🚀 Imagine users happy to use their CRM because they can find all the essential information at a glance

Stop imagining and discover our infographic.

So, with or without ?


Making your CRM project a success

We have used our experience and the testimonies of our network to list the 7 essential steps to federate your sales teams and obtain the adhesion to your CRM

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Manage your team remotely

As a result of telecommuting, you have had to adapt to a new way of working with your teams at breakneck speed. Discover our 7 operational tips and tricks to manage your remote team.

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Spotlight on the 5 key limitations of Salesforce Einstein Activity Capture

Behind the promises of Einstein Activity Capture lie several limitations that must be acknowledged.

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10 very good reasons to automate CRM data entry

Automation is the ideal solution to the lack of CRM adoption, to ensure that information is reliably fed back into the CRM system. Discover the top 10 benefits of data entry automation:

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