Save over 2 hours of data entry per week

SDR, Business Development, Key Account Managers, Customer Success… Discover how EverReady revolutionizes the daily life of your CRM users.

No more data entry

No validation required. Every email, appointment, call made and received is instantly recognized and logged by EverReady in the right place in your CRM.

Don’t waste time on low value-added tasks. Devote your energy to what you do best: selling!

"Automatic creation of contacts and meetings in Salesforce has changed my life." Tiffany Lardant - Key Account Manager Hult Ef Corporate Education

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Bring up your meeting reports in one click

Receive instant notification after each appointment. EverReady uses the practices of B2C applications (Uber, Deliveroo) to create fun and simple reports.

Instantly visualize all your meetings. Prepare your Monday morning meetings with peace of mind.

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Get immediate access to the right information

Get complete, up-to-date history on all accounts and contacts in your CRM. Promote information sharing between your employees and align your sales, marketing and customer service teams.

All the information is in one place and is no longer scattered in the tools of the collaborators (email, phone, excel…).

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