Centralize your customer knowledge

Restore the original value of CRM: promote information sharing.

Strengthen the synergies between the different “customer facing” departments. Guarantee that each of your employees has an equivalent level of knowledge of the accounts: activities carried out, contacts, minutes of meetings, etc.

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Limit the loss of information in case of turnover

A salesperson stays an average of 43 months in his or her company

Salespeople are a high-pressure, ambitious population, more sensitive to market opportunities. Don’t let your salespeople leave the company with their account knowledge, deals and contacts.

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Accelerate the onboarding of your new employees

Get up and running immediately. Save time in discovering your portfolio. Access the history of all the information of your predecessor: contacts, reports, frequency of exchanges…

Deploy the best sales strategy for your customers and gain credibility with your contacts.

Avoid over-soliciting your team for information about the actions that have been taken.

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