It’s the beginning of the year. It’s time for good resolutions and to start with the one to tidy up the CRM room 😉. We just talked about CRM with our entire network of dircos and marketing directors and compiled the 7 most frequently cited resolutions:



Resolution #1: Check data quality.

With more than 50% of the answers, the improvement of data quality is undoubtedly the main issue for sales and marketing departments.

Data is a moving matter: terminations, mergers, acquisitions, moves, departures… There are many opportunities to clean up your data and provide your employees with reliable information on companies.

Some figures speak for themselves:

  1. Every year, 30% of CRM data becomes obsolete
  2. 88% of salespeople using a CRM say they do not enter the complete contact information of a contact
  3. CRM data is erroneous: Syntax errors, non-standardized data, duplicates… As soon as data is entered manually, the risk of error is inevitable

Resolution #2: Purge unworked accounts

Between database acquisition and lead generation actions, your CRM base is constantly growing. Refocus on your core target and remove inactive accounts. For example, “empty shell” accounts with no information or contacts and accounts that have not had any sales interaction for a while.

To identify these, start by running a data diagnostic, which will give you a bird’s eye view of your dataset.

👉 Request your CRM diagnostic (immediate access in a few clicks). The 1st one is free

Resolution #3: Optimize your prospecting territories

The numbers don’t lie. According to a study by the Kellogg School of Management, poor territory management can impact up to 7% of sales. The distribution of prospecting portfolios is therefore naturally one of the main concerns of sales managers.

Every new year is an opportunity to reorganize and redesign your sales strategy. Your CRM is the solution that must allow you to reach the set objectives. One of the first questions you should ask yourself is: does your CRM have enough material to achieve this? In terms of volume of contacts, volume of companies by sector of activity, by region… Here again, a diagnosis of your CRM data can help you.

Resolution #4: Enrich contact records

At EverReady, we believe that B2B sales are not made from company to company but from person to person. Therefore, salespeople need complete contact information to better engage them. We recommend that you enrich your contact base regularly to limit empty fields (email, phone, job title). You’ll gain adoption, your addressable market will grow and customer knowledge will increase.

Resolution #5: Solve adoption issues

Adoption rate is responsible for 70% of CRM project failures. To get your users on board, many best practices exist. Rather than a long speech, we have listed 7 of them in our checklist.

👉 Download our checklist: 7 steps to a successful CRM project

Resolution #6: Generate activity monitoring dashboards

40% of sales managers say they are dissatisfied with their dashboards.

Sales organizations are the ones that use data the least to drive their business. That’s no reason to use Excel 😉. If you want hyper operational charts, there’s EverReady! Correlate the activity level with the pipeline and make sure you’re at the right speed to reach your goals, measure the time spent on each account, calculate the winrate of your salespeople in real time…

Resolution #7: Improve lead tracking

Last but not least. This is naturally the most frequently cited resolution by the marketing managers we interviewed. Lead generation is the lifeblood of many organizations and calculating the ROI of campaigns is a key element in measuring the success of an operation.

Relying on salespeople’s declarations is a risky bet. Instead, opt for a solution that allows you to automatically enter customer interactions into the CRM. You will then be able to trace the leads from detection to signature.

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