On average, in every BtoB deal, more than 7 people are involved in the purchasing decision. More than ever, contacts are at the heart of your business. Your ability to identify them, understand what’s at stake and engage them will make all the difference when it comes to signing the deal. Conversely, the absence or loss of contact information will result in missed opportunities and have a direct impact on your sales.

Sales reps and CRM data entry: an eternal battle.

According to a Statista study, 23% of managers surveyed said that CRM data entry was the main obstacle to using a CRM. Contacts are often the preserve of sales reps. 80% of the contacts they exchange with are not entered into the CRM, but “sleep” in the mailbox. It’s a gold mine that the company doesn’t capitalize on.

Consequence: according to Gartner, the absence of business data costs companies between 12 and 20% of their revenue every year: sales execution, marketing operations…

Wake up dormant contacts. EverReady flashback is an intelligent system that goes back 12 months in sales reps’ mailboxes to update the CRM with all missing business contacts based on email signatures (first name, last name, job title, landline and cell phone).

The results are impressive. On average, EverReady brings up over 500 new customer and prospect contacts per sales rep!

Why save contacts. Discover our use cases:

1/ Tell me who you’re talking to, and I’ll tell you if you’re going to sign.

Powermap, Mapping, Heatmap… All these terms reveal the same thing: the need to understand deals and know if you’re in a good position to sign them.

How many people have you met?
What are their functions?
What are their roles? Who signs? Who decides? Who is the sponsor?
How often do exchanges take place? Who initiates them?

If you don’t know how to answer these questions, you’re in a potentially bad position, because chances are your competitor has already done it.

EverReady enables you to precisely identify all the contacts encountered by your sales teams throughout the sales cycle, according to their hierarchical level and department.

2/ Employee departure

According to a 2019 Uptoo study, the average salesperson stays with his or her company for 43 months. For the youngest, the duration is almost divided by 2 with 23 months, and for those with over 20 years’ experience, the duration rises to 55 months.
The departure of a sales rep is a source of stress for the company (loss of information, drop in sales, recruitment…) and the impact is not negligible if the CRM has not been correctly filled in. In spite of all the data transfers, this represents a risk of losing several hundred contacts!

By automatically saving in the CRM all the contacts with which the sales rep has exchanged over the last 12 months, EverReady eliminates any stress and ensures that all accounts are effectively tracked.

3/ Onboarding a new sales rep

Recruiting a new salesperson is becoming increasingly complicated and expensive. So when you do find the rare pearl, it’s out of the question to fail to integrate them.
But for a salesperson to really blossom, he or she needs to be successful and sign deals quickly.
So the priority is to put them in the best possible conditions by giving them the raw material to do business.
Yet today, less than 20% of sales activities are recorded in the CRM (source: Salesforce). As a result, most salespeople are often faced with an empty CRM.

Flashback” enables your new recruits to find all the contacts of their predecessor. No time wasted searching for information, and no over-subscription of in-house teams.

4/ CRM migration

You’re changing CRM. If you want your CRM to be adopted right from the start, you’ll need to recover your contacts.
Which contacts should be recovered? For how long? How complete are the records?

Thanks to flashback, you can instantly retrieve your sales teams’ active contacts and obtain all their contact details. Don’t suffer the shortcomings of your old CRM. Get off to a flying start.

5/ Company takeover

As with migration, EverReady is the perfect solution for integration issues arising from external growth. Facilitate the integration of new employees and develop business synergies. It’s a key element in the successful migration of customers to your offerings.

6/ “By the way, was your event well attended?”

Marketing managers will know what I’m talking about. Organizing an event (webinar, breakfast, user club…) takes time:

– Choosing a unique, practical and suitable venue.
– Well thought-out program: Keynote, customer testimonials, roadmap…
– Carefully selected speakers, sometimes even including a guest star!

In short, every detail has been thought through to ensure the success of your event.

Yet, at the end of the day, what you’ll be judged on most is the number and profile of attendees.

EverReady instantly retrieves everything you need to personalize your invitations and ensure effective follow-up.

You’ll no longer need to go around the office to get contacts 😉

To deliver its full value, your CRM needs to be fed with data, especially qualified contacts. So it’s essential to do everything you can to centralize them.

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