According to a Gartner study, salespeople are the ones who have the least control over data within companies. Unlike their cousins in marketing, the data culture is far from being anchored in sales organizations. Micro-management, experience and feeling remain the first indicators of the forecast. In other words, you proceed as you see fit and go with the flow.

CRM adoption: the eternal problem!

Now onto the figure that hurts: According to Salesforce, only 20% of sales activities are entered in the CRM. For many salespeople, CRM rhymes with mistrust and distrust. The reasons, even if they are not justified, are numerous. Plug in a microphone in the meeting room and ask the question, the answers will be:

  1. ” I don’t have time ! “. Time is money. The salesperson judges himself and is judged on their numbers. Customers and prospects will always come first. I have better things to do.
  2. “I prefer my Excel file”. With its not very friendly interface, CRM is often considered complex with its tons of fields to fill out.
  3. “This is copping.” And no one likes to monitored

What are the impacts for commercial organizations?

But on closer inspection, the consequences of the lack of adoption are far from trivial. An MIT Sloan Study Finds Poor Data Quality Costs Companies 15-25% Of Their Revenue Each Year! Concretely, an empty or poorly filled CRM has an impact:

  1. The quality of the forecast and monitoring. 40% of managers say they are dissatisfied with their dashboards
  2. Commercial execution. Too little information available on customers: lack of contacts, actions taken … In short, too little knowledge of accounts.
  3. Marketing => ROI of campaigns, untimely purchase of files / data enrichment / updates, effectiveness of anti-churn programs

We agree. It’s a shame and it shouldn’t happen.
Wait, the worst is yet to come. This data is already available in your tools (phone, emails, calendar, etc.). So what if the solution was to stop asking your salespeople to enter the information and automate the feed to your CRM?
Imagine the power of your CRM if it was completed correctly …

  1. Comprehensive customer data. Sustainability
  2. The right information at the right time. Reactivity
  3. Objective data. In essence, the data once it is entered by an individual is subjective. Reality

EverReady’s vision

At EverReady, we are convinced that with the development of nomadism within sales organizations and the scarcity of physical contacts, the quality and accuracy of information shared within the team through digital tools will become a key strategy to be efficient

Ok, so how do we do it?

Our equation is as follows: Data collection + CRM + AI = Royal path towards sustainable sales performance
EverReady is a smart app that natively connects to the tools used by salespeople every day to help them be more efficient and generate more revenue for the business.

Concretely :

👌 The CRM is automatically updated: prospect reminders, customer follow-up, new contacts … All information related to professional activity is scrupulously recorded without any intervention on your part.

🎯 You benefit from unprecedented business insights to drive your business based on reliable data and improve the team’s business execution

📢 We make it easy to enter the information from the reports into the CRM. Benefit from an optimal visibility on the quality of the appointments made and have an efficient support for your Monday morning meetings.

🍰 Cherry on the cake: After each meeting, get valuable feedback from your prospects. You measure their interest in your offer and focus your follow-up efforts on the right prospects.

Convinced of the power of data for sales people? 👉 Request your demo!

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