Unfortunately, this is not a current topic. Despite the proliferation of salestech in recent years, which is supposed to facilitate the daily life of sales teams, it is clear that effective solutions are hard to find. So why do salespeople lack time to sell?

Between theory and reality

The organization of salespeople’s working days is a subject that is being discussed in many organizations. In theory, a salesperson’s activity is divided into four main phases:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Understanding the issues and qualifying the needs
  3. Building the commercial offer
  4. Closing opportunities

The reality is quite different: salespeople only spend 1/3 of their time on these activities. The remaining 2/3 of their time is spent on non-sales activities, far from the business and the customers.

Why such a gap? How can we maximize the time salespeople spend on sales?

Salespeople parasitized by time-consuming and low-value-added tasks

In a previous article, I wrote that there was an immutable principle, namely that sales people only want to do sales and that it was therefore necessary to banish low value-added tasks that parasitize the daily routine in order not to jeopardize the organization.

Because if you look closely, sales people do a lot of things that are not directly related to sales: internal meetings, administration, collection, CRM updates… Put end to end, these tasks impact the productivity of the teams and end up reducing their motivation.

In most companies (if not all), salespeople are judged exclusively on their results and are not supported in the organization of their workdays. In my experience, there is a correlation between sales performance and time management. Without management support, in the long term, only the most experienced and structured salespeople will succeed: prepare their prospect files the day before, focus on the customers who are most likely to sign, select the most effective tools…

Access to information, a strategic issue to be successful?

The Covid has profoundly changed the world of work: more telecommuting and less physical contact. In this context, it becomes essential that sales people have easy access to accurate and reliable information to gain in efficiency.

Indeed, the lack of visibility on a prospect or a customer (list of contacts, history of exchanges and quotes…) will give the sales person an avoidable additional workload. Worse, it could potentially be the reason for a lost deal.

CRM, a catalyst for tension

Although considered as the ideal solution to centralize customer and prospect information, the CRM has the unfortunate tendency to make salespeople tense when it comes to capturing activities. It is even often pointed out as one of the main causes of their loss of productivity.

Never up to date, too long to fill in, too complex to use… The reasons why a CRM is neglected by sales people are numerous. Its strong promises are matched by the disappointment of its users. CRM is “sold” internally as a productivity tool, but is most often perceived as a means of “controlling” the business. What if the solution was to simply stop asking salespeople to enter information?

Freeing salespeople from data entry constraints

The main reason why salespeople dislike CRM has been identified. We therefore know that by fighting against data entry time, we will improve the perception of CRM and consequently its daily use. What do we ask of salespeople? Entering contacts, interactions (emails, appointments, calls), meeting minutes… The good news is that most of this information is already present in the information systems and digitalized. Their entry can therefore be automated!

It’s a double hit: your sales people save time and your CRM is constantly updated. Managers secure customer knowledge and guarantee optimal sharing of information between employees.

The icing on the cake: No change management is required to update the CRM. Your sales representatives advise their way of doing things: send emails, answer the phone, make appointments…

EverReady, the next generation CRM connector

It is a fact. Whether they are on the road or in the office, your teams lack time to sell! EverReady saves precious time for your sales teams by removing the constraints related to data entry in the CRM.

EverReady is the new generation connector. Autonomous and intelligent, it automatically informs the CRM for you (activities, contacts, reports) in order to save you time, secure your customer knowledge and boost adoption.


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