The world is changing and you?

The Covid crisis has accelerated the trends already present in our society: remote work, digitization, search for meaning, benevolent management, collaboration, quality of life at work … We are entering the era of the “New Normal”.

In this context where nomadism is more and more present and physical contacts are more and more rare, the quality and accuracy of information shared within the team through digital tools becomes a strategic issue to be efficient.

EverReady develops an innovative solution that allows companies to better capitalize on their business data by ensuring that the CRM fulfills its initial promise: to centralize contacts and the history of business activities.

Meet our team

Facilitate the daily life of sales people while making them more efficient. This is the leitmotiv that drives the founders of EverReady for over 10 years. Serial entrepreneurs with a passion for B2B sales and marketing, they created ByPath in 2013, their first start-up specialized in Sales Intelligence to help salespeople optimize their prospecting (15 countries deployed, 10,000 salespeople equipped).

In 2019, they founded EverReady and tackle a major pain within sales organizations: CRM adoption! Their principle is simple: What if to have an up-to-date CRM, the solution was to stop asking salespeople to enter information?

Loïc Deo Van

Loïc Deo Van

CEO & Co-Founder

A Serial Entrepreneur of Salestech. He puts tech and innovation at the service of business

Olivier Toledano

Olivier Toledano

CMO & Co-Founder

Always looking for a hack to boost the lead gen. Share your good tips with him ;-)